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Mobile payments in countries worldwide

Currently SMS aggregator SmsCoin provides premium SMS payment solutions across  98 countries supporting hundreds of mobile carriers worldwide. There is a choice of several short codes operating with different SMS cost in each country. In vast majority of the countries connection of mobile payments does not require any additional approval, short codes become available for your project immediately following an SMS payment service set up. We offer exclusively high rates and attractive revenue share percentage, which might be increased along with the growth in your earnings. The terms of payments do not depend on the country and usually makes up about 45 days.

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mobile billing services and scripts

SMS payment — is a mobile-based billing method which enables the customer to pay for merchandise and services by means of SMS sent to a special short code. Such a service is called Premium SMS (PSMS) and the price of such a message is higher than of a regular one. The SMS payment is billed to consumer’s mobile phone account. To connect Premium SMS payment to your website we offer a number of off-the-shelf SMS scripts for 7 most popular SMS services amongst which you will definitely find the one that will help to implement your ideas. Service set up process varies from a very simple one up to the one requiring high level of programming skills. Services connection and maintenance are totally free of charge.

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Our project

psms mobile payments system SmsCoin

During six years of our development within the mobile payments market, we have earned the trust of major mobile services providers worldwide, and have set up premium SMS payment solutions on more then 70000 projects of different scale varying from personal blogs to the leading social networks. The moment you've decided to start working with us, you won't have to deal with complicated process of signing up the contract with numerous mobile carriers, contracting expensive short codes, and understanding the technical details of mobile gateway implementation. We offer the entire bundle of necessary means to enable you to supplement your business with fully developed payment method.

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premium sms payments and web payments set up support

Connecting your business to SMS payment platform we provide comprehensive support both of our SMS services set up on your projects and of your customers using them. If you have questions concerning services we offer, you might find the answer you are looking for in FAQ section. In case you are interested in getting an answer from our representative, you can choose the contact of your interest in Contact Us section. You can direct your question to one of the following departments: general support, technical support, financial and advertising. Please note that each department offers solutions to specific questions. By contacting the relevant department you will receive the fastest and the most accurate answer to your question.

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Our partners Our projects

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