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The most used terms and acronyms from the field of mobile communications and telecommunications as a whole are being collected on this page. The list is constantly updated.

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MO (Mobile Originated) — an SMS message being sent from the cellular phone.


MT (Mobile Terminated) — an SMS message being sent to the cellular phone.


Shortcode — a special telephone number, significantly shorter than a regular one. Short codes are widely used for value-added services such as television voting, ordering ringtones, charity donations and mobile services. More ››


The Short Message Peer-to-peer Protocol (SMPP) is a telecommunications industry protocol for exchanging SMS messages between SMS peer entities such as short message service centres. It is often used to allow third parties (e.g. value-added service providers like news organisations) to submit messages, often in bulk. More ››


Short Message Service (SMS) is available on most digital mobile phones and a steadily increasing range of other devices (including Pocket PC, desktop computers and some fixed phones) that permit the sending of short text messages between these devices. More ››


Wireless Application Protocol or WAP is an open international standard for applications that use wireless communication. Its principal application is to enable access to the Internet from a mobile phone or PDA. More ››

WAP push

WAP push is a way of transferring Internet addresses to the cellphone using custom SMS messages. Upon receipt of such message, the user is automatically prompted to browse to the address specified, or download the file it points to.

Parts of the above are based on Wikipedia matherials.

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