Individual keywords for SMS messages

Each and every one of our users can register their own unique keyword, starting with dot (.) character. A dot (.) character was chosen out of convenience alone since all types of mobile phone devices this character is the first one on the list of symbols.

The following system of keywords is operating only within a limited list of countries, which you can get by contacting one of our managers.

Please note that when registering any keyword with dot, large quantity of mistakes made by subscribers within the process of dialling such keywords is possible.

Personal keywords setup

In Control Panel -> Tools -> Keywords you have to choose service that either more profitable to you or the one you invest the most in, that is to say, the main service among the rest of the services connected to your website through SmsCoin.

Into empty window of the form enter the symbols combination you wish to register as a personal keyword for this specific service and for the rest of your SMS services.

When choosing a keyword, limitations such as these must be taken into consideration: the keyword must start with a dot (.) following which no less then 3 symbols must appear (latin letters or numeric figures), generating keyword only from numeric figures is not allowed. An example of a proper keyword: .new

Following the successful moderation of the keyword in SmsCoin system, and after you have specified it as an SMS-text on your websites – each and every message sent will be delivered to your account, even if the user enters additional symbols following the keyword by mistake.

How to use personal keyword

The next step is to identify individual services registered under your name. To determine what service exactly was requested via SMS, you should assign an ID to each and every service – a unique text inside the keyword sentence. For example, in case you have connected one sms:key and one sms:chat, you can assign identifiers key and chat accordingly. Consequently, SMS text which is sent to the service based on sms:key, will be .newkey, and the text meant for sms:chat service will be .newchat

Thus the system will identify which service the SMS was sent to exactly, and you will receive detailed statistics according to SMS for each and every service separately.

Moreover, you can register a few different identifiers for one service only. It is quite convenient to follow the statistics in case you have created partnership program which works based on one service, registered under your name in SmsCoin system. For each of your new partners you can add a personal identifier, for example: .newkeyalex , .newkeyjohn , .newkeysharon , .newkeymary and so on. This system will help you to collect the precise statistics on the number of SMS messages sent to the service of each participant in your partnership program.

It is important to mention that any SMS message containing your personal keyword will be redirected to your main service. This will significantly reduce the number of mistakes made by users while sending SMS. Enough to write the main keyword correctly at the beginning of the SMS text associated with your personal account along with all service connected to it.

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