How to choose the right service?

We do our best to provide as flexible services as possible so that our partners could use them in various ways, such as:

- balance replenishment in on-line games;
mobile content distribution;

- SMS-chats and polls;

- paid access to hidden articles and parts on a website;

- collection of donations for website development;

- selling passwords to website archives; 
paid registration or access to VIP sections on your website;
upgrading profile rating on dating websites or advertisement boards.

For the above-mentioned purposes you can (and should) use one of the services we provide. The most important thing is to choose the solution best suitable for your business. Below you will find several examples of typical implementation for our services.

Balance replenishment in on-line games

Aim: replenishment of virtual accounts for users, registered on website.

Solution: For such purposes we developed sms:bank service which actually is a payment gateway that is easily implemented on your website, or is added to already existing payment gateways such as PayPal or WebMoney.
Sms:bank allows registered users to replenish their balance with any amount, which they can spend on any type of content your website offers later on.
Sms:bank service is ideal for such type of projects as social networks, on-line games, dating services and other similar services where wide spectrum of services with different prices is provided.

Mobile content distribution

Aim: solution for sending website content (picture, music, text or video) to mobile phones.
Solution: We provide the opportunity to send a link for content download to a mobile phone. In order to implement this solution you need to setup sms:content service on your website.

SMS-chats and polls

Aim: implementation of SMS polls or SMS chat with text taken from messages sent by website users.
Solution: sms:chat service was developed especially for such purposes. During the setup process you will see the text sent in messages in chat window, which will appear on your website. To determine the outcome of the vote you will have to count the votes on your own. This is the simplest option for those who have no programming abilities or cannot afford to hire a web developer.
Sms:bank service enables you to use a more tricky logic, placing the button for paid voting with the text of your choice near each object, which takes part in the poll. Thus all the results will be determined automatically, through a script written especially for this case.

Paid access to hidden articles and parts on a website

Aim: to set up a service through which the user sends SMS to a short code and in reply gets access code to hidden page of file on a website.
Solution: you should use the most popular service of ours - sms:key, which is offered in the following configurations - a basic one, which is suitable for those who do not possess any programming skills, and the one with remote handler for those who have some experience in programming languages.

Collection of donations for website development

Aim: to collect donations paid through Premium SMS and designated to support website development.
Solution: The most suitable option to collect donations is to connect sms:donate with an easy installation and setup process. User' interface is minimized and exposed in the form of a simple button which your website users click and receive short instruction for sending SMS in order to thank you for creating the on-line project. A distinctive feature of the service consists of providing the users with opportunity to choose SMS cost based on the amount he is willing to contribute in order to support the website.
Another way to collect donations is the connection of sms:chat. Nice examples of this service implementation into different websites can be found on the Internet. The service is presented in the form of a chat where each and every line is a "thank you" note from website user. This way users express their gratitude to the website owner not only financially by sending a Premium SMS, but verbally as well. Personal message is not mandatory.

Paid registration or access to VIP-section on a website

Aim: implementation of paid registration or access to specific sections on a website with payment via sending SMS.
Solution:In case you own a website, the best way for you is to connect service along with Antileech script, which protects the file from being downloaded repeatedly, as the user which has already got access to the link can pass it to others, which means there is no sense in protecting it. With antileech script activated when the user clicks the link, in the first place he gets to payment page.

Selling passwords to website archives

Aim: to organize paid file-exchange archive.
Solution: you can connect sms:key, which will limit the access to registration form or to other website sections. If you want to pass some parts of the information in the message text in order to be added to database later on, please use sms:key service with remote handler modification.
If you wish to enable users to pay for additional services after the registration, we advise you to connect sms:bank service. In this case the registration will be free-of-charge, but after the user is registered, he will have to replenish his in-site account balance - for example, in order to purchase access to main database of the site. In our scripts library you can find various solutions for paid registration on websites, which were created on the basis of popular CMS.

Upgrading profile rating on dating websites or bulletin boards

Aim: to enable profile or ad upgrading on the website.
Solution: in order to implement this solution you should connect sms:key service. Sms:key script will limit the access to the form of paid ad or profile publication. It is the simplest way of implementation. If the ad has already been published on the website, and it only needs to upgraded on the public list ― you can use sms:bank service. In this case users will be able to upgrade their ad or profile via SMS.

For further questions please contact our technical support department and we will assist you with the solution you are looking for.

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