FAQ: frequently asked questions

This page consists entirely of questions that arise frequently, complete with our answers; it gets updated from time to time depending on your feedback.





How do you pay?

We are currently supporting only WebMoney and Yandex.Money, hopefully there will be some more in the future.

And how often?

In the beginning of every month we're granting you with what you earned during the month just ended. We guarantee to complete all the payments before the 15th, but usually this happens much earlier.

And how much?

To tell the truth, we'd be glad to pay you some more, but the most part of the sum earned goes to the third party (cellular operators) and, certainly, we're taking a small fee for ourselves. Anyways, we have one of the best revenue share/world coverage ratio on the market.


I've sent an SMS, but my Finances never got updated...

The Finances section contains info on monthly payments, that is, you'll for sure thing see something there at the end of the month. Realtime stats on each of your services' earnings are available under the Stats section.

It's all zeroes in the Services list, what happened?

No need to worry, it's all fine, the counter just got reset because of the end of the month. Soon you'll be able to see your monthly profit under Finances, and you can use Stats to watch your services' statistics for any timespan.

So, now I have my sms:key code, what do I do with it?

Just insert the code into the target page markup, at the very beginning of the file. Double-check that your HTTP server is correctly set up to interpret PHP scripts. Enjoy.


Why there's no forum on your site?

Why there should be?

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