Comparison of our Premium SMS services specifications

In the table below you will find a comparison of SMS billing services developed by SmsCoin project. All the services listed below enable the connection of web-projects to our SMS billing solutions, and they only differ in technical implementation details.

  Premium SMS service sms:key
Premium SMS service sms:safe
Premium SMS service sms:bank
Invariable text of a message yes yes no yes
Whether the phone number of a sender is accessible no no yes yes
Whether the sender can write his own text in a message he send no no no yes
Whether you can write your own text in a response message no no no yes
Whether the script gets actual cost of an SMS no no yes yes
Whether the script gets additional parameters (country, operator name etc.) no no no yes
Whether the service requires premoderation yes yes no yes
Level of complexity in set-up and tuning of the service easy medium medium сложно
Availability of off-the-shelf solutions PHP, Perl, ASP.NET, Python PHP PHP, Perl, ASP.NET, Python PHP, Perl, ASP.NET
Availability of off-the-shelf CMS modules DLE, PHPBB, vBulletin, WordPress, b2evolution, Joomla, Nucleus, e107, Blosxom, Movable Type, Textpattern, Django, Pylons, MoinMoin no Joomla VirtualMart, osCommerce, Shop-Script no
Availability of the off-site developers Antileech no vBulletin module no


Fixed message text no yes
Sender's phone number availability no partially
The possibility to receive your text in incoming message no yes
The possibility to send your text in reply message no no
The actual SMS cost is passed to script no no
Script receives additional parameters (country, mobile carrier...) no no
Service requires moderation process yes no
Difficulty in installation/setup of the service easy easy
Ready-to-use solutions are available (examples) JavaScript JavaScript
Ready-to-use module for CMS are available no no
Scripts by off-site developers are available no no
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