Service description

sms:bank is a mechanism based on payment gateway operation principle. This service enables you to create a totally automatized service combining interaction with visitors according to well-known payment systems. One-time effort on your side to install the service and makes you free from constant watch over each and every user updating their virtual account on your website. As for users, they will use a much more convenient balance replenishment mechanism and you can write any amount off the account for whatever service there is on your website. The same service can be used for one-time payment as well, and in this case you enable user to choose the amount of the transfer.

How it works

sms:bank mechanism is based on a concept of any payment gateway and composed of the same parts. A form is stored on a website and following its activation your user launches the transaction and is directed to payment page stored on SmsCoin server. This page displays payment details and instructions for its implementation. In case user admits all the data, he sends an SMS to a specific short code and confirms the payment on the same page. Besides, user is able to cancel the payment. The moment the process is finished, user is redirected back to your website where transaction results page is generated.

Installation and set up process

In case your service was already integrated with one of the payment gateways, it won't be too hard to add sms:bank to general system. Anyway, sms:bank installation does require a good knowledge of PHP or any other script language which performs tasks on server side. If you have the necessary experience, the implementation process will take about a half an hour to two hours, depending on the scope of the work that has to be performed. Detailed instructions for installation and setup process of sms:bank can be found here.

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