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In order to integrate your sms:chat with your project, use the following markup (don't forget to replace chat id with your actual sms:chat id):

<script src="http://chat.smscoin.com/chat/?chat_id=chat id" type="text/javascript">

The markup given must reside at the appropriate place of the target webpage.


In order to adjust the chat to your needs, use the following optional parameters:

Parameter Type Description Default
lang char(2) Two-letters language code. RU
limit int How many messages are displayed. 10
css_path string Path to the CSS stylesheet. http://chat.smscoin.com/chat/style.css

E.g., in order to reduce the number of simultaneously displayed messages to 5, use

<script src="http://chat.smscoin.com/chat/?chat_id=chat id&limit=5" type="text/javascript">

Providing your own cascading style sheets (CSS) lets you adapt the appearance of the server to the website design. If necessary you can hide certain elements of the chat. For example, in order to hide the time when the message was sent and the nickname of the sender insert the following line in CSS:

 .time, .nick { display: none; }

The list of classes in use is given in the original CSS.

To change sms:chat interface, download the original CSS file. You can change standard styles in it to make the service interface maximally appropriate for your website design. After this locate this file on your server and specify the path to it in the parameter css_path, for example:

<script src="http://chat.smscoin.com/chat/?chat_id=chat id&css_path=http://yoursite.com/css/style.css" type="text/javascript">

Message and name manager:

Following the link 
http://smscoin.com/chats/messages/<chat identifier>/
you can view the list of all messages previously added to sms:chat. You can also enable/disable message display in a chat by clicking the link in the column “Options”.
Following the link
http://smscoin.com/chats/names/<chat identifier>/ 


you can view the list of all names and phone numbers connected with them which are previously used in sms:chat.
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