Service description

sms:chat is one more service that can make your website much more profitable. Its installation is fast and simple and it is easy to implement it to any design. Besides, while giving your visitors an opportunity to share their thoughts online, you raise their interest in your project, making it easier to remember and more likely to re-visit.

How does it work

Should you decide to set up sms:chat service (see below) you will definitely get convenient facility for accepting SMS-payments for the services you provide. Let your visitors engage in conversations, participate in quizzes and polls! By taking a creative approach, you will not only succeed as a webmaster, but also make some profit out of your website.

Installation and setup process

In order to get started with sms:chat setup go to Control panel, Chats section. Press Add to create new sms:chat; carefully fill in the form. Follow the "HTML code" link in your sms:chat settings and copy/paste the code into the appropriate place on your webpage; the installation is now complete! Technical details on the service implementation and setup are given below.

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