Service description

sms:content is a service which allows website owners to discover a new additional way to make money without any special investment and extra efforts. This is not an affiliate program of any kind for selling content, but a totally new trend in mobile services industry. By means of this service your users will be able to send a link to downloading any image, audio or video fragment directly to their mobile phones which most definitely expand the functionality of the website and will bring you an extra revenue.

How it works

User chooses preferable image (or its fragment) and the mobile phone model where the image is to be sent to. Following the payment, a link is sent to user's mobile phone to download the image. Unfortunately, not all mobile carriers and not all mobile phone models support the technology that enables users to click the link in the body of text message itself. For example, those who use the popular iPhone model will have to copy the link received to browser window since all links sent in SMS-message text to this mobile phone model are inactive.

The same way exactly you can distribute audio, video and text files. You can see an example of image distribution demo version here.

Installation and set up process

Go to Control Panel -> Services -> sms:content. Click Add to connect to your account new sms:content. Make sure you entered correct address of the website address where the service is installed. The website will go through a moderation process following which the service will start working.

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