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Pay attention to off-the-shelf SMS scripts library as well.

Technical info


To integrate sms:donate in your network resource, the following HTML layout is used and can be located anywhere within your web page:

<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
smsDonateId =
sms:donate ID;
smsDonateButton =
button ID;
/* ]]> */
</script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

sms:donate ID must be replaced with your specific sms:donate service ID. You can choose most suitable for you website design button from the list of buttons in Control Panel, and insert it instead of button ID which generates an instruction for sending SMS-message when clicking on it.

Additional parameters

You can change the language of the interface to English by setting a  smsDonateLanguage variable with value english:

smsDonateLanguage = "english";

Extended version of script

The drawback of the script version by default is a limited choice of the button design. This issue can be resolved by means of the following script code modification:

<script type="text/javascript">
/* <![CDATA[ */
smsDonateId = <sms:donate ID>;
smsDonateButton = <URL path to your design image>;
smsDonateLanguage = <interface language>;
/* ]]> */
function smsDonateInit() {
smsDonateButton = window.smsDonateButton || 1;
document.write('<img src="' + smsDonateButton + '" alt="Donate" onclick="smsDonatePopup('' +
(window.smsDonateLanguage? window.smsDonateLanguage: '') + '')" style="cursor: pointer" />');
function smsDonatePopup(language) {
if (!window.smsDonateId) return;
var lang = (!!language)? '&language=' + language: '';
var ls = (language == "english")? '_en': '';'' + ls +
'.html?sid=' + smsDonateId + lang,
'smsdonate_popup', 'height=500,left=' + (screen.width - 700 >> 1) +
',resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,top=' + (screen.height - 500 >> 1) +
Where  <URL path to your design image> - full URL-address to image for button design started with http://

Demo version of the service:


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