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Service description

Sms:donate is the simplest of our services, which was created due to numerous requests of our partners. From the point of view of installation and setup it is even simpler than sms:chat service. User's interface represents a simple button, and by clicking on it, your website users will receive a short instruction with an explanation how to thank the authors of their favourable resource by sending an SMS. It is strictly forbidden to provide the users with services of any kind when using sms:donate.


User clicks the button which you can locate anywhere within any part of your web page, then user has to choose the country of his or her residence and mobile operator within specific county. To each country there belongs a list of available rates. This allows user to choose an sms-message rate depending on which amount exactly he or she is willing to donate to your resource. Detailed instruction with message cost, the exact text of the message, and a relevant short code where the message is sent to will be offered, in order to make sure that the amount deducted will be the exact amount user has chosen.

Installation and set up process

Go to Control Panel -> Services -> sms:donate. Click Add to connect new sms:donate service to your account and fill in the suggested form. Be sure to enter correct website address which the service will be connected to.

Also you must to fill "Answer" field due to our requirements, and push "Save" button. 

The service will start working after the inspection of the website by our moderators.

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