The extension for Firefox, IE and Opera browsers

Now we are proud to present our very own Firefox, IE and Opera extension! sms:fire gives you an opportunity to monitor all your SmsCoin stats in realtime and to receive all sorts of relevant information just from your browser's window.


  • All sorts of useful information made available through single user interface;
  • In-depth statistics covering each and every service you use;
  • Full summary on your account (which doesn't exist anyplace else!);
  • Tarification grids for sms:keys and sms:transits you use is one click away;
  • Newsflash alerter built-in;
  • Absolutely secure for the end-user: the authentication system used is different from the one employed on the website, which guarantee an account safety even when exposed to potentially unsafe environments (public computers in internet-cafes, etc.)

sms:fire Firefox installation guide

The extension is available for downloading here. Just right-click the link and choose "Save Link As...", then drag'n'drop the downloaded file anywhere in the browser window. In order to activate the extension, Firefox needs to be restarted.

Works well with any browser version starting from 1.5.

sms:fire Internet Explorer installation guide

An IE toolbar add-on installer is made available here. Just download and run it; reopen the browser window in order to complete the installation process.

Works for both IE6 and IE7 series.

sms:fire Opera installation guide

An Opera toolbar button is placed right here; you need only to drag'n'drop the link onto your browser's toolbar area.

Works for all browser versions starting from 7.5.

How do I access my account?

When you try to access your account for the first time, you'll be prompted with the login/password entry form. At this point you need to retrieve some data from your Profile. Be careful: the login and password you need to log in into your sms:fire account aren't the same you access our website with!

Open the Control panel and proceed to the Profile section. In order to be able to use our remote services, check the Allow checkbox under the Remote access category.

The number labeled ID is your sms:fire login; Access hash is your password. Attention: copy the authentication data very carefully, as a single error in either login or password won't let you log in! After the first sign in your account information will be automatically preserved by the browser, so you won't need to enter the same credentials each time.


We value your opinion very much, and in case you have encountered some kind of mistake, or wish to see additional service functionality — do let us know as soon as possible.

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