Service description

sms:key is an SMS-based service which grants access through password to any content on any website. To gain access, user sends a Premium SMS message to a short code and in response receives an SMS text password (key) which is entered on the website. You decide how often and for how long the password can be used. Both simple installation process and flexible configuration make sms:key preferable solution for vast majority of websites.


sms:key service is suitable in the following cases:
- content sale;
- access limitations to any field on a website page or section;
- organizing paid registration or access to any form which needs to be filled in;
- creating paid file archives;
- voting and much more.

Installation and configuration

Go to Control Panel -> Services -> sms:key. Click Add to connect new sms:key to your account and fill in the form below. Be sure to enter correct website address which the service will be connected to. The service will be fully functioning following the inspection of the website by our moderators.

There are two main versions of sms:key — service - the standard one and the one with the remote handler.


Standard sms:key version
In case you don't possess any programming skills or you're not confident in your programming abilities, simply use the standard version. The code of the standard version is available in control panel for websites written in any popular programming language. In the scripts library you can find ready solutions for the most popular CMS (content management systems). Description of technical details for installation and configuration of the standard sms:key version is located on sms:key technical description page..


Remote sms:key version
Remote sms:key version setup requires a high level of programming skills and database knowledge which will allow you to use the advantages of additional sms:key features, such as connecting your own password database, and much more. Description of technical details for installation and configuration of remote sms:key version is located on remote sms:key technical description page.

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