Tools for working with the statistics of your services

sms:fire — browser add-on

Our team have developed an add-on which will allow you to monitor your account statistics in real time and to receive additional relevant information in a browser window without having to enter your website. Some of the sms:fire features are:

  • Access to all the necessary information — through a common user interface;
  • Detailed statistics for each and every of your services;
  • Total account statistics (cannot be accessed through the standard website control panel!);;
  • The ability to observe the relevant rate scale of each service;
  • System which enables users alerts regarding urgent relevant information;
  • Absolute safety for ens-user: the authentication system used here differs from the one used on our website. It guarantees the safety of user's account even if there is a risk of information leak (when using public computers in internet coffee-shop for example, and alike).

Further details and set up process

firelet — midlet for mobile phones

Now you can monitor your services, already connected to SmsCoin payment platform, directly from your mobile phone! For that purpose we have developed our own midlet.

Further details and set up process

"SMS price" - an application designed for iOS and Android based phones

Our programmers have developed an application that enables mobile carrier subscribers to identify the price of any given short code operating across Russian Federation for iOS and Android based mobile phones.

For further details
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