SmsCoin became the partner of Eurovision again 16.05.2016

SmsCoin company continues its partnership with the large-scale song contest Eurovision which this year has been held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It is the second time the company has provided its SMS billing services for Israeli audience of viewers to give votes for the participant of their choice. This year the country has been represented at the competition by Hovi Star.


SmsCoin company provided SMS payment services basing on those technical requirements and arrangement that had been successfully agreed previous year. Despite the fact that the technical side has been already arranged, the company employees have approached the organization of SMS voting with full responsibility because the contest is a great international event and millions of people want to vote that is why it is very important to control every process. SmsCoin team have done their best for television viewers to easily cast their vote just by following simple instructions: the system of messages processing meets the highest standards of reliability and ensures guaranteed message delivery and maximum precision in calculation on the basis of detailed statistics.


This year another three operators have been added to the list of mobile carriers which allow to send text messages for voting. Subscribers of such operators as Pelephone, Cellcom, Partner, Golan Telecom, Hot Mobile have successfully voted for participants. Message sending process was the same as previous year: fans sent messages to the short code, the text was a participant's number with which he took part in the contest. Viewers from Israel have voted in the semi-final and final, on May 12th and 14th.


Televoting is convenient way for Eurovision viewers to choose a deserving winner of the contest and support a favorite singer. SmsCoin company team is glad for the partnership with such significant music event and hopes for its continuation next year.

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 25.12.2015

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dear partners, SmsCoin congratulates you on Christmas and the upcoming 2016 year!

We sincerely wish you prosperity, good deals, profitable ideas and new opportunities in the new year! Always be on the crest of a wave, let your income boost! We are proud of our partnership and very grateful to you for mutual understanding and openness.

You inspire us to work even more effectively and create successful solutions for your projects. SmsCoin continues to easily realize interesting mechanisms of work, be open to our common goals and strive for new professional achievements.

With best regards, SmsCoin team.

We celebrate our 9th birthday! 11.07.2015

We celebrate our 9th birthday!

Today is a special day for us — SmsCoin celebrates its 9th birthday! During this period, we have been following our primary goal, to deliver efficient solutions to our partners for projects monetization and business ideas implementation, and we have succeeded in this. Our partners trust us and we constantly buttress their trust by on-time payouts, high-quality services and development of new solutions for bringing to life their plans.

As always, we have the things to be proud of: this year SmsCoin has become a televoting partner for Israel in the prestigious song contest Eurovision 2015 that has been held in Vienna, Austria. We applied for participation in the tender, took part in all its stages and became a winning tenderer on the basis of three key factors: technical capabilities, commercial terms and information security restrictions. We are glad to win the tender and partner with such a high-profile and mega event.

On this special for our company day, we thank our partners for cooperation and wish them prosperity and financial well-being!

Happy Birthday, SmsCoin!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 25.12.2014

SmsCoin wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
In new, 2015, year we wish you the upsurge of creative effort, exciting ideas and persistence in business. May the highest peaks be conquered by you and inmost desires be put into life.

We have done good work this year to provide our current and future partners with a number of opportunities for projects realization. We have launched several alluring payment schemes: WAP click in Azerbaijan, pseudo-subscriptions in Belarus as well as a range of new mechanisms for Russia: WAP click with customized landing page and subscriptions through USSD for Beeline mobile carrier, Internet click for MTC and MegaFon mobile carriers.

Our plans for 2015 are ambitious, this is because there are a lot of opened up horizons for further achievements! We will put the most efforts to make the cooperation with our partners in the upcoming year even more mutually successful and profitable.

With the deepest respect and best wishes, SmsCoin team.

Changes in Russia 28.11.2014

Dear partners!

We bring to your notice that starting December 1, 2014 mobile carriers provided below will be disconnected for the following short codes in Russia:

Mobile carrier Short code
AKOS 2097
AKOS 474
AKOS 2476
Astrakhan GSM 2095
Astrakhan GSM 2097
Astrakhan GSM 2474
Astrakhan GSM 2476
Beeline 2671
EniseyTelecom 2474
EniseyTelecom 2476
MegaFon 3832
MTS 2471
MTS 3832
NSS 2474
SkyLink 2095
SkyLink 2097
SkyLink 2474
SkyLink 2476
Tele2 2095
Tele2 2097
Tele2 2434
Tele2 2452
Tele2 2474
Tele2 2476
Tele2 3832

We also inform you that starting December 1, 2014 partners' revenue shares for all mobile carriers' short codes operating in Russia will be decreased by 5%.

Changes in partners' revenue shares in Israel 11.11.2014

Dear partners!

We bring to your notice that starting November 1, 2014 partners' revenue shares for all mobile carriers' short codes operating in Israel have been decreased by 5%. The reason for this is mobile carriers' decision to reconsider the terms of revenue sharing to insure themselves against possible financial risks.

Temporary interruption of mobile carriers work in Israel 30.09.2014

Due to major religious day Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and great fast, from Friday evening, October 3, till Sunday, October 5, all Israeli mobile carriers will stop processing text messages. Subscribers won't be able to send text messages within the specified period of time.

SmsCoin turns 8! Happy Birthday! 11.07.2014

SmsCoin turns 8! Happy Birthday!

We have a happy day: SmsCoin celebrates its 8th birthday! For already eight years the company holds the leading positions within the SMS payments market, providing high-quality and reliable Premium SMS services for thousands of projects.

It was a successful year for the company: we implemented our services on a number of interesting projects, expanded partnership opportunities, we started to work with new mobile carriers and short codes in several countries. And, of course, we spent some time attending various conferences for enhancing business relations, establishing durable business contacts and developing partnership. Participation in the conferences gave us the possibility to meet and communicate with our partners as well. This year we have traveled to Cologne (Gamescom), St. Petersburg (VAS Forum) and Kyiv (Casual Connect Kyiv). Each of these events has inspired us to our successful work within the SMS payments industry and has become the source of unique ideas which we continue implementing.

We thank our partners for cooperation with us and wish them prosperity and realization of new profitable projects!

Happy Birthday, SmsCoin!

Short codes change in Ukraine 14.04.2014

Dear partners!


Starting May 1st, 2014 some of the short codes used hitherto for Ukrainian subscribers will be disconnected. Instead of them, new short codes which are provided in the table below, will operate. The short codes prices remain the same. We insistently ask to make all necessary changes in the instructions on sending SMS for subscribers of all Ukrainian mobile carriers.


Former short code

Short code price

New short code


25 UAH



50 UAH



12 UAH



30 UAH


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