Kenya Railways’ Madaraka express tickets can now be paid for with SMS 02.10.2017

Kenya Railways has provided a SMS-based code that allows paying for tickets on the Madaraka express.

OLX is going to rollout a new multi-choice payment system 12.09.2017

OLX’s head of engineering Benjamin Schneider told that the company prepares to rollout a new payment solution called Plutus.

Underdeveloped banking system leads to fintech innovation boom in Africa 13.07.2017

A new Forbes research shows that poor bank reach in most African countries led to an emergence of new forms of financial technology. According to the article, there are about 170 fintec startups operating on the continent. Fintech startups get almost 30% of the entire funding start-ups raised in Africa. In 2015 alone the investments reached $55 million.

Mastercard will fund a number of Asian e-commerce startups 04.07.2017

Mastercard has announced that a number of startups will join its Mastercard Start Path program. It was rolled out to help financial tech companies pave way for the future of commerce.

JokkoText offers African artist a change to earn 29.06.2017

Mamadou Dione, a web developer now turned entrepreneur, has launched JokkoText. It is an online platform which allows musicians across Africa to publish their content for free download or for sale.

SMS payments market will soar to $678.11 million by 2020 09.06.2017

According to the latest report from the Persistence Market Research, the global payment transactions revenues will soar to $2.849 trillion by the year 2020. In 2015 it valued at $549 million. During that period it will grow an astonishing 41.7%. Researchers predict that between 2015 and 2020 there will be 106 million mobile transactions made. During 2020 the global mobile payment market CAGR will grow 39.1% and gather $2.89 trillion in revenues.


Mobile payments pave way for the future 24.05.2017

Mobile payment solutions, including SMS payment and digital wallets are adopted by the younger generation and merchants across the world. Millennials, in particular, are more inclined to own a mobile wallet. The trend is understandable as the world's mobile user base grows by the hour. As suggested by a Javelin report released in Summer 2016, one in every two dollars spent online will come from a mobile device by 2020. This is in part fueled by increased reliance on mobile devices.

Ezetap CEO boasts India’s fast-growing mobile payment infrastructure 18.05.2017

During a CNBC interview on Tuesday, Ezetap CEO bobby Rose stated that India’s payment infrastructure is possibly years ahead of the United States. He told the interviewers that the country is growing through a rapid process of digitalization. India started with commerce, moved to transit and is now working tirelessly in the financial and banking sectors. 

Top MMO Video Games with Mobile Payments 16.05.2017

Despite the ever growing spreading of the banking sector across the world, mobile payments via SMS remain a reliable source of income for many online videogames. Although the popularity of this payment method has slightly dwindled in the past couple of years, It is one of the main ways many Southeast Asian gamers pay for virtual goods in their favorite free-to-play projects. Today we will count down our own list of online video games that still implement mobile payments.

Why mobile payments are a good boost for small Southeast Asian businesses 12.05.2017

For the past couple of years, mobile payments have exploded all around South-East Asia, North and South Africa, South America. However, there has been some misconception about the companies which use this payment method. Many claim that it is mainly used by big companies and retailers with small businesses left on the outskirts of a growing economy. If you were interested in why mobile payments are a good boost to small Southeast Asian businesses, here is your answer.

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