SMS payment system arrives to parking lots across Abu Dhabi 30.01.2018

Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Center announced that an SMS payment system is available across the city’s parking lots. The new option for all vehicles registered in the United Arab Emirates was made available on January 28, 2018.

Kuwait Airways now accept SMS booking 16.11.2017

According to Kuwait Airways Company spokesperson, the company now accepts SMS payments to book plane tickets. In the past customers could only buy them at various Kuwait Airways branches.

South Africa has a new mobile payment app 07.11.2017

South African mobile payment market has been expanded with a new app called Slide. This independently developed P2P software was created by three young Cape Town entrepreneurs.

An Indian think tank works on safer SMS payments 03.11.2017

An Indian think tank that goes by the name of Mobile Payment Forum of India (MPFI) is looking into adding a number of user-friendly features to ensure cheap, secure and efficient mobile payments in the country. MPFI is a combined effort of Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology, Hyderabad and Rural Technology Business Incubator.

Kenya Railways’ Madaraka express tickets can now be paid for with SMS 02.10.2017

Kenya Railways has provided a SMS-based code that allows paying for tickets on the Madaraka express.

OLX is going to rollout a new multi-choice payment system 12.09.2017

OLX’s head of engineering Benjamin Schneider told that the company prepares to rollout a new payment solution called Plutus.

Underdeveloped banking system leads to fintech innovation boom in Africa 13.07.2017

A new Forbes research shows that poor bank reach in most African countries led to an emergence of new forms of financial technology. According to the article, there are about 170 fintec startups operating on the continent. Fintech startups get almost 30% of the entire funding start-ups raised in Africa. In 2015 alone the investments reached $55 million.

Mastercard will fund a number of Asian e-commerce startups 04.07.2017

Mastercard has announced that a number of startups will join its Mastercard Start Path program. It was rolled out to help financial tech companies pave way for the future of commerce.

JokkoText offers African artist a change to earn 29.06.2017

Mamadou Dione, a web developer now turned entrepreneur, has launched JokkoText. It is an online platform which allows musicians across Africa to publish their content for free download or for sale.

SMS payments market will soar to $678.11 million by 2020 09.06.2017

According to the latest report from the Persistence Market Research, the global payment transactions revenues will soar to $2.849 trillion by the year 2020. In 2015 it valued at $549 million. During that period it will grow an astonishing 41.7%. Researchers predict that between 2015 and 2020 there will be 106 million mobile transactions made. During 2020 the global mobile payment market CAGR will grow 39.1% and gather $2.89 trillion in revenues.


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