February payout 03.03.2007

February payout was made. All of you who didn't fill out the payment requisites yet are strongly encouraged to do so.
And, warm Spring for everyone!

Numerous improvements 20.02.2007

During the last few days we were actively working on our website and provided services, and you could have already seen the result. For those who haven't already seen these changes, here's a complete list:

1. The website now has a fully-functional English version up and running.
2. The control panel was slightly reworked, there's a brand new utility called "Logs", which can be used for viewing messages from a certain phone number and sms:key passwords.
3. The sms:key code was changed too, and now it supports UI language selection. The HTML layout is now completely different, so take care if you use an embedded version.
4. sms:bank integrates the same improvements sms:key does; everything is done automatically, so no changes on your side is required.

We are preparing a number of upgrades for sms:transit users, too:

- an ability to send links (WAP PUSH);
- viewing full request logs;
- keywords binding done in real time;
- SMPP protocol support;
- payment status processor for countries working by an MT scheme, and fraud cases.

NB: we remind you about the competition currently in effect. Details are right on the front page on our site, so be sure to check this out!

Competition! 16.02.2007

We're all used to work hard, but there certainly are times we need to rest. This time we're giving you an opportunity to share with us your spare time right here, in the Promised Land. So, what is needed to achieve this?

We are proud to invite the three winners of our competition to visit us. The rules of the competition are as follows:

1. Any SmsCoin user may take part in it.
2. The goal is to achieve maximum overall monthly share (summary price of all messages received by one's service during a month).
3. All messages received starting at 1.02.2007 and till 31.04.2007 inclusive are accounted.
4. Users caught on spamming, frauding or any other policy voilations are automatically banned.
5. There are just three prize winners.
6. The winner must be 18+ years old and must have a right to temporarily leave his homeland, according to the local law. If, by any event, the winner can't achieve this, the prize mentioned is substituted with some valuable alternative.
7. The winners are declared on 1.05.2007, and the event is closed.

The prizes are as follows:
First place: plane tickets, a full week in one of the hotels, trips to Jerusalem, Golani heights, Eilat, meeting with the SmsCoin crew.
Second place: plane tickets, four days in one of the hotels, trips to Jerusalem, Golani heights, Eilat, meeting with the SmsCoin crew.
Third place: plane tickets, meeting with the SmsCoin crew.

It'll be a great pleasure for us to meet you all in person. Good luck!

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