Updates in partners' revenue shares 22.11.2012

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Due to introduction of new calculations coming from mobile carrier MTS (Russia), starting December 1st, 2012 partners' revenue shares will be updated.

Starting December 1st, 2012 due to new rules of cooperation with content providers, Beeline mobile carrier (Russia) will add new categories of services provided within SMS CPA. The payout share will be produced depending on service category. According to new conditions, the changes are relevant for all types of services, excluding SMS Mobile Media Content, SMS Mobile Interactive and SMS Gaming categories. will be updated.

We would like to notice that the following types of services won't be changed regarding the payout shares:

  • SMS Mobile Media Content – mobile content which can be provided only for mobile phone (video, images, music, ringtones, games, mobile applications);
  • SMS Mobile Interactive – interactive services for mobile phone (chat, dating services, advertisement, SMS posting, SMS voting, SMS quiz);
  • SMS Gaming – additional features on game services.

Please, make sure to update rates scale in addition to changing instructions for sending SMS on your website accordingly.