The Republic of Cape Verde is now connected 06.12.2012

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SmsCoin project keeps extending its coverage of SMS billing services, approaching to its main goal – the connection of 100 countries. Now we provide SMS payment solutions in the Republic of Cape Verde. Presently, there are two price points, 50 and 100 CVE (incl. VAT), available in the country for the subscribers of CV Movel and T-MAIS mobile carriers.

The Cape Verde Islands are located 620 kilometers off the western coast of Africa. Cape Verde is one of the most progressive countries in Africa due to successful development of the foreign economy, including developing tourism industry and export. Moreover, the National Communications Agency (ANAC) of Cape Verde has launched a tender for the purchase of a system for evaluating the quality of mobile networks in order to analyze the technical functioning of the 2G and 3G networks.

Within recent years, the number of mobile devices owners has increased to 88,51 % of the total population. The number of Internet users has grown as well to the point of 32%. 19,7% of them, that is 102900 users, have accounts on Facebook.

Despite positive statistics, the lack of infrastructure makes impossible to use other payment methods, such as bank cards or electronic payment systems. Thus SMS payments is particularly the only available way to make online payments in African countries, including Cape Verde.

To display the Republic of Cape Verde in the list of the countries on your website, please make sure to update rates scale in addition to changing instructions for sending SMS on your website accordingly. Follow the updates on our website as well as on Facebook and Twitter!