Currency redenomination in Belarus 30.06.2016

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Dear partners!

We inform you that starting July 1, 2016 the Belarusian currency will be redenominated, ruble value will be changed — 1:10000. It means that 10000 Belarusian rubles will amount to 1 ruble. In addition to the above, the currency code will be also changed: from BYR to BYN. Basing on this information, according to the requirements of Belarusian mobile carriers, two tariffs should be provided for users on a website: one that has been used before redenomination and the second — after it.


We kindly ask you to read and understand new requirements for service price arrangement on a website:


  • The example of tariff provision in a text: 0,75 BYN / 7 500 BYR per month with VAT. Slashing “BYR/mo.” isn't used.

  • The example of tariff provision in a table: 0,75 BYN and 75 000 BYR per month. The size of figures in ruble sum should be bigger than the size of figures of kopecks sum. Slash isn't used while going to the next line.

  • It is necessary to space thousands in old-pattern tariff.

  • Please note that for redenominated price the abbreviation BYN is used, for old-pattern price — BYR.