Top MMO Video Games with Mobile Payments 16.05.2017

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Despite the ever growing spreading of the banking sector across the world, mobile payments via SMS remain a reliable source of income for many online videogames. Although the popularity of this payment method has slightly dwindled in the past couple of years, It is one of the main ways many Southeast Asian gamers pay for virtual goods in their favorite free-to-play projects. Today we will count down our own list of online video games that still implement mobile payments.

League of Legends


The game that propelled Riot Games to the ranks of high highest earning companies of the world and hooked millions of players on the MOBA genre came out almost 18 years ago. Considered a spiritual successor to the original Defense of the Ancients mod for WarCraft 3 RTS, the game was critically acclaimed and brought in millions of dollars in cash for its creators. The game became so huge that there are regional competitions going on in different parts of the world every year.


League of Legends pits two teams of 5 players who assume roles of different characters. Each week players are given a roster of 10 champions that are available for free. Additional fighters are unlocked through an in-game currency called Riot Points. It can be purchased with different payment options, including mobile. Riot Games has singed up different payment providers from all around Southeast-Asia, most which provide some sort of mobile payment for gamers. Despite the free-to-play model, it attracts more worldwide users than its closest competitor Defense of The Ancients 2. This is due to the fact that the former is a much easier game to understand with a lower user skill bar.



Revelation Online


This creation of Chinese NetEase company had a worldwide release in 2017. To this day the game continues to see higher popularity in SE region and China. Revelation Online brought in an interesting blend of Final Fantasy games and LineAge 2 with a traditional eastern setting mixed with advanced technology. The world’s game is based on a Chinese fantasy book series. Revelation Online is your classic open-world MMO full of quests, raids, dungeons and bosses. The game also offer various mounts and the ability of flight much like Blizzard’s hit World Of Warcraft. Revelation Online also has a vivid PVP mode with castle sieges and arial combat.


The in-game shop offers an array of packs that allow players to get experience points faster for a limited time and get their hands on sets of different outfits. Subscribers can also purchase several different mounts or buy wings that allow their characters to fly. As with League of Legends, the shop works with different payment providers, including mobile payments, credit cards, and PayPal. It also has regional support for various SEA companies. This remains the biggest source of income for Revelation Online creators.



Dragon Nest


Dragon Nest is a fantasy MMO that was designed by Eyedentity Games. It has lower resolution graphics but that doesn’t stop it from being incredibly popular in the SEA region. Like many online projects, this one offers an immersive story and a world that can be freely roamed by players. Unlike Revelation Online, Dragon Next offers a deeper class system that branches out of 6 standard character types. The game is huge in terms of available towns, dungeons, and areas.   he best part about it is that the game offers a balanced PVP model. It allows low and high-level users to fight on equal grounds.


As for the game shop, it offers unique paid items for heroes to don. These can be bought with local currency Cherry Credits or DN Points. The balance on the former can be replenished from different payment providers across the SEA region, including mobile. The latter currency is awarded for participating in game events or granted during a promotion period.


As you can see, mobile payments are alive and well in Southeast-Asia.