Ezetap CEO boasts India’s fast-growing mobile payment infrastructure 18.05.2017

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During a CNBC interview on Tuesday, Ezetap CEO bobby Rose stated that India’s payment infrastructure is possibly years ahead of the United States. He told the interviewers that the country is growing through a rapid process of digitalization. India started with commerce, moved to transit and is now working tirelessly in the financial and banking sectors. 

Ezetap is mobile payments company that tries to make digital payments more affordable across India. This move is also backed by the countries Prime Minister Narendra Modi who wants to demonetize the national currency. According to him, when the government seized the use of two major bills the citizens had no choice but to switch to Digital currency.


Bose said that the country has created a mixed Gmail and PayPal. Transactions can be made if the payer provides an email. However, there are other payment options in the ever-growing market. In 2017 alone iEzetap is expected to process 3$ billion.