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In-App payments library

SmsCoin project is proud to present yet another way of services monetization ― an in-app payments library for Android. This application enables users to pay for the services using any type of software integrated into their mobile phones. This library allows integration of SMS-based payment processing into Android applications. What makes this library unique is it's availability to everyone absolutely free of charge and an open-source code.

* Android SDK
* account at
* sms:transit service enabled at
* Set handler on developer's server.

After the integration of the library into the application, the developer is able to initiate a payment process, during which the payment price is set, a SIM card parameters are detected and a payment dialogue is displayed to the end user. The dialogue includes country and mobile carrier choice (in case the automatic detection was unsuccessful), and notifies him about the payment price.

When the end user presses “Pay” button, the library generates an outgoing SMS to a premium shortcode, provided by SmsCoin and bound to the developer's account at SmsCoin's system. Premium shortcodes usually differ from country to country and from carrier to carrier, and there are price variations too, so the library comes with preloaded and  regularly updated shortcodes list, from which it automatically chooses the right shortcode that corresponds to a country, carrier and the payment price. After the SMS is sent, the library monitors the incoming SMS queue for the reply message from SmsCoin, (the response SMS is sent by the handler) which will confirm the payment validity.  

Summary of a payment dialogue:

1. User clicks the payment button inside the application;

2. User chooses the amount (Optional);

3. User chooses the country of residence and a mobile carrier (Optional);

4. User clicks the "Pay" button and returns to the application.

mobile payments for Android OS














The library also features:
    Translations to a different locales
    SmsCoin's worldwide shortcode list, which includes 92 countries

Together with the fact that the library is free of charge, its undisputed advantages are:

  • an open source code
  • fast and simple integration
  •  SmsCoin's worldwide shortcode list, which includes 92 countries
  • translation to different locales


The archive includes the library itself, a demo version of the program, server-side request handling example
and the related documentation.
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