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Payment module

The module enables you to integrate SMS payment into mobile applications realized by means of Corona SDK. By implementing the module into your project you can realize paid services in your application as well as balance replenishment with virtual currency by means of SMS payment.

* Corona SDK
* account at
* sms:transit service enabled at
* Set handler on developer's server.

Description of payment process:

In a source program, for example, in a game, there is a button which allows to pay for a service (it can possibly have the option of choosing the necessary sum). After clicking the button, a user sees a payment window. In the payment window he can choose his country and mobile carrier. If there is an option for choosing payment sum (for example, for balance replenishment in a game), a user can choose the tariff appropriate for his country and mobile carrier. After clicking «Pay», a user will be offered to send SMS to the corresponding short code. 

Summary of a payment dialogue:
1. A user clicks the payment button in a program;
2. A user chooses his country;
3. A user chooses his mobile carrier;
4. A user chooses the payment amount;
5. A user clicks «Pay» and sends message.

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The library also features:

  • SmsCoin's worldwide shortcode list, which includes 92 countries
Together with the fact that the library is free of charge, its undisputed advantages are. 
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